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Turned Box Panel

Puracore® Turned Box Panel and it’s Advantages

The Turned Box Panel is a panel with our aluminium box section frame turned through 90 degrees, at the junction where panels meet. These panels can be single long edge or have both long edges turned box depending on requirements. Single Turned box panels are utilised to form cleanroom corners of rooms whereas double turned box can be used to encase columns, supports, create air returns or change the wall panel orientation twice using a ‘Zed shape’.

The Turned Box Panel is unique to Puracore® and provides a number of key advantages.

Turned Box Panels can be used to construct corners of cleanrooms whilst reducing joints where panels meet. When compared to using individual corner panels the number of joints is reduced from two to one, providing a seamless external corner finish with fewer joints that may accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria.

Column encasements formed using Turned Box Panels removes the need to use separate corner panel elements. This can reduce the number of panels to form the encasement by 50%. The same applies when forming air returns in a cleanroom.

Selecting Turned Box Panels can reduce the number of panels and components required to construct a cleanroom corners and areas. Thereby reducing the cost of the materials and labour, by reduction in installation time.

Ultimately choosing Turned Box Panels in a cleanroom is more cost effective, time efficient, seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

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