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Cleanroom Ceiling

Why incorporate Puracore® 65mm Ceilings in your next Cleanroom build?

Our market-leading ceiling system featuring the 65mm thick aluminium honeycomb core panel has been installed in a large number of cleanroom projects since its release in late 2016. The Puracore® 65mm Ceiling Panel brings a number of major advantages to cleanroom builds and as a result the demand only continues to grow.

The Puracore® 65mm Ceiling Panel features a high specification aluminium honeycomb core with steel facings to both sides and framed with our unique Puracore® box section. The panel can then be finished with White Foodsafe Laminate, PVC, PET, Polyester Painted or RAL matched to any colour.

After strenuous load testing the 65mm Ceiling Panel is certified to withstand loads of up to 3kN per 2.5m spans, this is exceptional load bearing capabilities for a cleanroom ceiling, making it a walk-on and work-on ceiling deck.

Puracore® ceiling systems are designed as progressive build systems, providing quick assembly and if used in conjunction with Puracore® concealed suspension provides a completely flush internal surface. These panels are versatile and can be tailored to all requirements including all necessary apertures.

The loading capabilities of our 65mm aluminium honeycomb panels means they can support heavy machinery, lighting and air handling, as well as personnel – making them ideal for sites where maintenance in the ceiling area is required regularly. Whilst being able to withstand extremely high loads the 65mm panels remain significantly lighter compared to ceiling panels manufactured using other materials.

A further, highly valued advantage to our 65mm ceiling panels is that they can be installed at the initial stages of construction and used for working at heights to replace scaffolding or any other equipment, saving clients time and money.

In addition our aluminium honeycomb cleanroom panels carry the globally recognised FM Approval for Class 4882, the standard for Class 1 Interior Wall and Ceiling Materials or Systems for Smoke Sensitive Occupancies. Alongside this our Aluminium Honeycomb panels are Non-Combustibe and are classified Class A for Flame Spread.

Click here to view the full Datasheet for our 65mm Ceiling Panel.

If you would like any more information on our FM Approved 65mm ceiling panel system, please get in touch via or fill in the contact form.