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Clean Room Lining Panels

Upgrade and expand your facility with FM Approved Puracore® Clean Room lining panels

The Puracore® clean room lining panel range is led by the 17.5mm and 10mm thicknesses. These FM approved panels feature an Aluminium Honeycomb Core giving a lightweight and rigid panel with a high impact resistance. The core of Aluminium Honeycomb means the panel is non-shedding, ideal for hygienic and controlled environments.

Puracore® lining panels are perfect for upgrades to existing facilities and can either be screwed or bonded onto structures allowing for an exceptionally easy and clean application. Allowing for time effective installation and eradicating the need for any wet trade work. The cleaner application means clean rooms may be able continue to operate whilst installation takes place.

Why choose Puracore® Clean Room Lining Panels over Plasterboard and Traditional Building Materials?

– Reduced installation and labour costs compared to traditional building methods such as plasterboard.

– Superior chemical resistance with the correct skin.

– Excellent flatness – less likely to bow and absorb moisture like plasterboard.

– Impact on plasterboard can release particles into the clean room environment whereas aluminium honeycomb is non-shedding.

– Easier to repair – panels can simply be replaced or re-skinned.

– Greater life expectancy.

– Environmentally friendly for end of life disposal.

– Ability to expand and upgrade facilities to a higher classification of clean room.

– Flexible system for when layouts are changed and expansion required.

– Can be silicone sealed or chemically welded for a completely flush finish.

For more on Puracore® Clean Room Lining Panels or any more information visit our website or please call 0117 316 7025 or email