Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, regulation and quality come first. Strict guidelines in this cutting-edge industry create the need for high specification cleanrooms that meet all regulations.

Drug manufacturers depend on pharmaceutical cleanrooms to produce and maintain a constant, contaminant free environment, as even the smallest amount of pollutants or microorganisms can have devastating effects on the development or testing or key pharmaceuticals.

The controlled environment produced by Puracore Cleanrooms is vital to the aseptic production procedures of the pharmaceutical industry. The sterility provided by ISO classified cleanrooms and aseptic manufacturing is key as contamination can have serious consequences on the end user.

Puracore® clean room systems can be found in the production and packaging facilities of the leading pharmaceutical names in the industry, providing a high-quality cleanroom that can be trusted to meet the highest ISO classifications.

Puracore® clean room components for Pharmaceutical sectors arrive on site, packaged, clean and with all components ready for install.

Take a look at the case study on our project with MSD (Merck & Co).