Bespoke and FM Approved Clean Room Panels

The Puracore® clean room range is led by the high specification FM approved aluminium honeycomb core panel. The aluminium honeycomb core provides low weight, high strength, mechanical stability, excellent flatness and importantly, for clean room environments, it is non-shedding.

When required clean room panels are be manufactured with a variety of cores including PIR and mineral fibre. All clean room panels are manufactured bespoke to the project and are available with number of skins and finishes including PET, Foodsafe Laminate, Polyester, uPVC, Stainless Steel and many more.

Puracore® Clean Room Panels are available as wall systems as well as lining panels for a cost effective solution to already existing structures that need to be upgraded. Panels are available in numerous thicknesses and sizes.

50mm Clean Room Wall PanelsPuracore® 50mm aluminium honeycomb panels are FM approved and the most popular within the range, providing a high specification option with an outstanding strength to weight ratio.

10mm Aluminium Honeycomb Lining Panels – Puracore® 10mm aluminium honeycomb panels have been specifically designed to be used as cladding to existing walls/columns. These FM approved panels can simply be bonded to an existing structure allowing for an exceptionally easy and clean application.

17.5mm Lining Panels – Puracore® 17.5mm aluminium honeycomb lining panel is an effective single wall option for any class of cleanrooms and is perfect for lining existing block walls or studwork as well as upgrading existing facilities.

50mm Ceiling Panels – The 50mm ceiling panel is ideal to create a completely flush ceiling system.

65mm Aluminium Honeycomb Ceiling PanelsPuracore® 65mm aluminium honeycomb ceiling panels have just recently been developed for a walk on ceiling deck which can take loads up to 3kn per m2 with 2.5m spans.

Turned Box PanelThe turned box panel is used to form air return units & column encasements.

Pre-Formed CornerThe pre-formed corner works in conjunction with all varieties of our 50mm cleanroom panels, providing a 90 degree angle for the corner of cleanroom

To find out more about our clean room panels please submit an enquiry or call +44 (0)117 316 7020.