Probiotics International, Somerset

Custom manufactured Grade D cleanroom system for an international producer of live bacteria based products

Puracore® Cleanrooms manufactured a complete cleanroom system to meet Grade D cleanroom classifications. Puracore® worked with turnkey cleanroom specialists NGS Cleanrooms and one of our preferred installers Stancold on the 1250m2 cleanroom project.

Probiotics required an ISO 8 or Grade D cleanroom that was completely flush and FM approved. The cleanroom is to produce and manufacture complex live bacteria based products for human consumption and veterinary use.


Puracore® were constantly working alongside NGS and Stancold, altering drawings as well as advising on best product options and design. Every element of the complete Puracore® cleanroom package was manufactured bespoke to the project, from 50mm wall panels to intricate end wall cappings.


FM Approved Cleanroom panels in 50mm thickness with a high specification aluminium honeycomb core were manufactured and finished with White Foodsafe Laminate. Panels were installed to construct a 1250 m2 cleanroom with 28 separate processing rooms. Each room was fitted with rapid roller doors with motion sensors to allow non-touch, easy entry and exit whilst the air environments between rooms is kept constant.

Our Puracore® Cleanroom panels were adapted to fit and support these high-end rapid roller doors, an example of how versatile the manufacture of our panels can be.

Fully flush 50mm cleanroom ceiling panels were also manufactured and supplied to site by Puracore®. Apertures and cut outs were made during manufacture to fit lighting, filters and air handling units. These ceiling panels match the rest of the cleanroom in the White Foodsafe Laminate finish.

A number of fully flush vision panels were supplied to the Somerset site, in a number of different dimensions and thicknesses. Vision panels were matched with exterior windows to allow natural lighting into the cleanroom. Puracore® supplied bespoke Window Reveals to seal the gap between interior and exterior windows.

The cleanroom build featured a number of complex columns and air returns, Puracore® provided turned box panels and end wall cappings to build around these and ensure the system was kept fully flush with minimal joints.


The success of this complex cleanroom project shows Puracores bespoke versatility to supply and deliver a complete cleanroom package that meets all standards whilst overcoming design and construction problems with new ideas and custom components. It also highlights the ability to work collaboratively with installers and turnkey contractors.