Leading Aerospace Manufacturer, Bristol

Clean room expansion for the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer

Puracore® supplied and delivered a system of high specification clean room components for a large expansion to one of top aerospace manufacturers in the world. Puracore® worked alongside leading clean room installers Stancold and principle contractor Merit Holdings on the expansion project based in Bristol.

The client required a system of clean rooms including a changing area, assembly room, materials lab and a main clean room 607m² in size.

Puracore® supplied 444, approximately 2185m², of FM approved 50mm thick aluminium honeycomb core panels to form the majority of the structure with some walls reaching heights of up to 6m. These panels were finished in uPVC White Foodsafe laminate and complete with a box frame to all four edges.

The client required a number of large rapid rise doors in sizes up to 5m wide x 5.5m high to be installed, Puracore® panels were adapted to fit and support these doors laterally eliminating the need for additional structures.

Puracore® also supplied 15 fully flush vision panels, 16 semi flush single leaf doors and 1 double leaf door which fit seamlessly within the system. Vision panels supplied by Puracore® were installed into a viewing corridor so the client could show case the clean room to any potential customers and other stakeholders.

Puracore’s collaboration with Stancold resulted in a showpiece clean room for the client. The high quality fully flush cleanroom system provided the optimal environment for the precision engineering and manufacturing that are set to take place within it.