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As part of the Puracore range there are three different varieties of window available.  For fully flush cleanroom environments there is a custom made vision panel that interfaces with standard 50mm Puracore cleanroom panels, and where a flush environment is less important there is the option of a clamp frame window that integrates with the Puracore cleanroom panel system.


Fully Flush 50mm Window

010 Flush window2-171011 (124x148) (2)The fully flush vision panel is the most popular choice within our cleanroom range.  The vision panel is 50mm thick to compliment the cleanroom panels and interfaces with the panels with the same jointing detail as between the panels themselves.




Clamp Frame Semi-Flush Window

011 Semi-flush window1-171011 (115x148)The clamp frame window is ideal where a fully flush environment is less important, offering an ideal solution for lower specification clean areas or semi-conductor environments as appropriate.