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Why Puracore?

Why Puracore?


Service & Experience

As a business we have been manufacturing specialist panels since 1946 and have specifically manufactured a range of cleanrooms panels for over 15 years with our products being found in the manufacturing and testing facilities of leading brands within the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries.  Our experienced team include CAD designers, engineers and project managers who are always on hand to provide help and support regarding your individual project.


Quality Of Products

All Puracore cleanroom products are manufactured to ISO 9001 specifications and go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the product delivered is exactly as you would expect it.

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Flexibility Of Design

As the majority of our Puaracore products are manufactured within our manufacturing facility in the UK, it is possible to adjust measurements, apertures, services etc. to exact specification required, allowing customers to order exactly what they need to achieve the best possible cleanroom solution for their application.

In addition, all products within the Puracore range are available with the same finishes, allowing you to select any combination of panels ranging from those for temperature controlled environments for packaging and storage, through to top specification clean rooms with the same finish throughout providing a high quality, aesthetically pleasing finish across different environments.


Simplicity Of Construction

All Puracore cleanroom components are specifically designed and precision engineered to ensure a simple construction with a high quality finish.  Cleanroom panels and fittings are supplied with drawings and an installation guide to support installation teams at each stage of construction, however due the modular design and progressive build nature of our products, they are very straight forward for installation teams, consistently receiving positive feedback regarding this.