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Trims and Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available to complement the Puracore cleanroom range and enable a truely customised finish to meet individual requirements.  A selection of the products available are outlined below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to find what you require as we wil endeavour to meet your needs.

Flush Finish Light Fitting

zeta-raThe Puracore flush fit lighting provides a walk on flush fitting lighting solution within Puracore cleanrooms.




50mm Raceway Panel

RacewayThe 50mm Raceway Panels provided a cleverly integrated opportunity for including wiring that can always be accessed by removing the front inspection panel, but when in place maintains the flush finish nature of the cleanroom.




Panel Ancillary Frame

Ancillary FrameThe Puracore ancillary frame can be placed in both ceiling and wall panels to frame an aperture for another product to sit within.  Primarily used to fit flush fitting lights within ceiling panels, the frame can also be used for pass through hatches etc. within wall panels where appropriate.




Flexi-Edge Coving


Flexi-edge coving provides a way to eliminate 90 degree angles within the cleanroom environment, supplied in 2 parts the co-laminate uPVC flexible edge provides a better seal than conventional rigid uPCV coving.