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Puracore Plus


High Specification Cleanroom Solutions

  • Suitable for cleanroom classifications:
    • EN ISO 14644: ISO 3+
    • Class 10+
  • High quality fully flush, sealed cleanroom environment

Where ISO 1 & 2 levels of performance are required additional features e.g. laminar air flow management with a raised perforated flow should be applied.


Biotechnology cleanrooms
Pharmaceutical cleanrooms
Research laboratories
Surgical environments



Puracore Plus Cleanroom Key Features

  • Fully flush, sealed environment
  • Flush fitted, 5 point sealed wall joints
  • Recess base suitable with vinyl flooring
  • 50mm aluminium honeycomb panels
  • 2,3,or 4 sided cleanroom panels
  • Integrated lining panels available
  • Flush fitting windows and doors
  • Sealed, flush, concealed fixing ceiling
  • Coving that eliminates all 90ยบ angles
  • Easily integrated with cleanroom services


The component parts across the Puracore range are interchangeable, therefore if alternative features are required, they can be selected from the full range of components within the Puracore Custom range.

Puracore Plus Cleanroom Panels
Puracore Plus cleanroom panels have an aluminium frame with aluminium honeycomb core providing high tensile strength and excellent clean properties. Cleanroom panel finish can be selected to best suit the aesthetics and application required.

  • Anti-microbial uPVC*
  • Polyester*
  • Primer*
  • White food safe laminate*
  • Anti-static white food safe laminate*
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium powder coat

*applied to galvanised steel substrate

Joints between cleanroom wall panels provide a flush finish and do not require any trim, they are secured with a specially designed joint incorporating a tongue fitted into channels running along the cleanroom panel frames, which can be sealed at up to 5 points on site.


Cleanroom wall panels are mounted onto an adjustable recessed base channel to allow a flush join between the vinyl flooring and the cleanroom wall panels above.




Puracore Plus Cleanroom Windows
  • Manufactured from 6mm toughened glass forming a double glazed cleanroom window unit
  • Aluminium frame which interfaces with the adjacent cleanroom panel joints to provide a flush finish
  • Cleanroom window sections can be manufactured to required sizes and can also be placed adjacent to each other with the use of 100mm mullion panels between glazed units.


Puracore Plus Doors
Puracore Plus cleanroom doors have been specifically designed and engineered to provide a high quality flush finish with the added benefit of drop sills. For further information please see the technical specification page.

Puracore Plus Ceiling System

The cleanroom ceiling for the Puracore Plus range is a fully flush concealed suspension ceiling that can be sealed at up to 5 points, and can also be loadbearing.

Cleanroom ceiling panels can be finished to the same specification as the cleanroom wall panels.


Puracore Plus Trims
A selection of cleanroom trims are available, finished to complement the selected panel finish, including 2 part aluminium coving that can be applied to aid airflow.


Download Specification Sheet