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To compliment the range of cleanroom panels available, there is a selection of corner / intersection panels to create a cleanroom to your individual requirements meaning that corner coving or flashing is not an essential component, and adds to the simplicity of the build of your cleanroom.  Should corner coving be required, this can easily be applied to the pre-formed corner as appropriate.

50mm Pre-Formed Corner

007 Pre-formed corner1-171011 (111x148) (2)

The 50mm pre-formed corner works in conjunction with all varieties of our 50mm cleanroom panels, providing a 90 degree angle for the corner of your cleanroom.




50mm Three Way Corner (T-Section)

The 50mm three way corner provides a pre-fromed solution for intersections to divide cleanroom areas, allowing an additional wall to intersect another at a 90 degree angle.


Flexi-Edge Coving

2 part co-laminate edge PVC coving can be fixed within pre-formed corners where required to aid air flow.


Aluminium Coving

The Aluminum coving provides a way to eliminate 90 degree angles within the cleanroom environment, supplied in 2 parts this coving can be painted to a RAL colour of choice, and is the most robust cove offering.