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Cleanroom Systems

Puracore have over 10 years experience as a specialist cleanroom manufacturer, evolving the range over that time to ensure our cleanrooms meet all ISO 14644 classification requirements whilst offering customers maximum quality and flexibility in design.

The Puracore Cleanroom Range

As a leading cleanroom manufacturer Puracore provides precision engineered cleanroom solutions to the leading companies in the industry, from cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical, research and biotechnology industries, to semiconductor cleanrooms for the technology industries.

Designed to Meet ISO 14644 Standards

Across EN ISO 14644: ISO 1 to 9, from cost effective PIR to high specification aluminium honeycomb and stainless steel solutions, the Puracore cleanroom range can deliver a cleanroom that meets your requirements. Puracore can deliver precision made components to facilitate efficient construction and excellent cleanroom performance with a finish that is second to none.

Flexible Cleanroom Components

Our pre-designed range solutions which are defined by cleanroom classification and application, make matching our products to your project simplicity itself. For ultimate flexibility, as we are a cleanroom manufacturer, we have designed our cleanroom systems so that you can customise your cleanroom solution by choosing any, or all of your own individual components from our Puracore Custom range, including cleanroom wall panels, windows, ceiling systems and cleanroom doors.

Simple Construction

All cleanroom ranges are constructed in a progressive manner, with each element carefully designed to make construction simple, whilst providing a robust cleanroom structure that provides longevity of application.

Puracore Cleanrooms ISO 6-9

Puracore-cleanroom-296x300The standard Puracore cleanroom range provides quality, cost effective cleanroom solutions for ISO 14644: ISO 6-9 classifications

Research facilities
Pharmaceutical packaging
Pharmaceutical weighing
Medical devices
Precision engineering
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Puracore Plus Cleanrooms ISO 3-5
Puracore-Plus-Cleanrooms-300x300Puracore Plus provides high specification cleanroom solutions to meet the higher demands of ISO 3-5 cleanrooms

Biotechnology cleanrooms
Pharmaceutical cleanrooms
Research laboratories
Surgical environments
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Puracore Technology Cleanrooms ISO 3-9
Puracore Technology cleanrooms are specially designed anti-static cleanroom solutions for the technology industries, suitable for ISO 3-9

Semi-conductor cleanrooms
Nanotechnology cleanrooms
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Puracore Custom Range
Flexible cleanroom solutions that you can create by selecting the component parts from our range to create a cleanroom to meet your exact specification.

Component Choices:

  • Base fixing
  • Wall panel joints
  • Panel finish
  • Panel core
  • Flush and semi-flush windows
  • Flush and semi-flush doors
  • Ceiling type
  • Corner type
  • Trims

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Technical Specifications
Select the cleanroom technical specification you need, whether by range or component part and download if required. Please contact us if you cannot find what you need, being a cleanroom manufacturer if it is not something we already do, we can often develop a cleanroom component to meet your requirements.

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Cleanroom Accessories A full range of cleanroom accessories to compliment your chosen cleanroom, emergency escape panels, transfer hatches, benches and tables, step over barriers etc.