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Within the Puracore range there a three different options for the fixings of the cleanroom ceilings – concealed suspension system suitable for high specification cleanrooms, providing a fully flush ceiling surface, or a top hat ceiling system, details of which can be found below.

There is also a range of products to compliment our ceilings including ancillary frames, and walk on flush light fittings, details of which can be found within our trims and accessories pages.

Concealed Suspension Ceiling

018 Concealed Suspended ceiling1-171011 (115x148)

The Puracore concelaed suspension cleanroom ceiling system provides a fully flush ceiling surface within the cleanroom environment, with the added benefit of walk-on capability when suspended in accordance with the panel span details included within the appropriate panel technical specifications.




Top Hat Ceiling

021 Top hat ceiling2-171011 (148x95)The top hat ceiling system uses a suspended galvanised channel between panels, with a cover strip applied to the face within the cleanroom to match the finish of the panels provided as appropriate.  Top hat ceilings can also provide the ability to be walk on, but the top hat section must be fitted in accordance with the span requirements of the panels.



UB403 Suspension Ceiling


The UB403 Suspension hanger is for use where a joint is not available for the standard Concealed Suspension hanger, typically in corners. This item should be fixed into panel internal perimeter frame with supplied blind bolts.


All ceilings are compatible with Puracore 50mm FM Approved Aluminium Honeycomb Panel PDF