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Case Studies

Glanbia, Ireland

•The project required a fully flush, FM Approved system with walk on ceilings. The complex design demanded great flexibility regarding the components. Gilcrest Manufacturing have supplied 1400m2 of bespoke wall and ceiling panels, ancillaries and windows.

•The FM Approved, fully flush and versatile Puracore system offered the ideal solution for this application. The flexibility of the system allowed a panel span over 3 floors, with panels stacked up to 9m high. The design included low level air returns and steel structures as requested by the customer.

Download case study Project review Glanbia

NXP Semiconductors, Manchester


•Supply of FM Approved panels, doors, windows, floors and ancillaries to form an internal access corridor to connect two production of their existing facility.

The approx. 110m long corridor will be used by staff and visitors to connect the clean areas within NXP’s factory.

•Providing the right sized hygienic wall and ceiling panels to consider the slopes along the way and allow transition between different levels.

Providing flooring, doors and vision panels in certain areas to enable access between the corridor and the clean production areas.

Download case study Puracore Project Review: NXP Semiconductors, Manchester

University College Cork, Ireland


•To supply the Puracore fully flush cleanroom system suitable for EU GMP -Grade B and C areas (ISO 5 & 6 equivalent), involving Aluminium Honeycomb cored panels, flush doors, flush windows, walk-on ceilings and ancillaries based on Clearsphere’s design.

•All doors required integrated safety interlock system for maximum contamination control.

Download case study Puracore Project Review: University College Cork (Ireland)

MSD, Ireland


•Manufacturing 550m2 Aluminium Honeycomb and Mineral Fibre cored panels to meet the exacting tolerances our client required.

•Modifying our standard Puracore panel to accept the 6mm Trespa face in order to meet the specification. The Trespa sheet added increased weight to the panel, therefore extra care was needed when handling.

Download case study Puracore Project Review MSD

Global Bio-pharmaceutical Company, US

•Manufacturing mineral fibre cored panels with the required design, shape and white cleanable polyester finish to fit into its environment and offer an aesthetically pleasing result.

•We used careful packaging and reliable international shipping method to deliver the product on time to site with the correct approvals and ratings.

Download case study Puracore Project Review Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Pittsburgh Glass Works, US

•Manufactured and supplied 100mm and 10mm thick industrial panels, ceiling suspension,openings and various ancillaries to provide hygienic and safe environment for automotive manufacturing

•Manufactured mineral fibre core panels and honeycomb liner

•Packing and shipping to Pennsylvania, USA

Download case study Puracore Project Review PGW

International Bioscience Company, US

•Manufactured and supplied Puracore Temperature Control cleanroom panels to form 7 chambers at the company’s facility in California, USA

•Chamber dimensions:

-3no chambers 2.56m x 2.26m x 2.26m high

-1no cold chamber 2.60m x 7.40m x 3.16m high

-triple compartment overall 7.80m x 7.40m x 3.16m high

•Manufactured mineral fibre core panels to meet

the specific windloading and deflection

requirements along with the required design

shape and colour finish

Catalent, Swindon (UK)

•Manufactured 50mm flush panels, doors, vision panels, ancillaries and cappings to form cleanroom used for drug production

•High specification Puracore Aluminium Honeycomb core panels suitable for high quality fully flush, sealed cleanroom environment classifications: FM 4882, EN ISO 14644:ISO 3+ Class 10+

Download case study Puracore Project Review Catalent Swindon

Microvention, Costa Rica



•>21,000ft2 aluminium honeycomb 2” PVC panelling

•Pre-formed corner & T-sections for interconnecting areas

•29 flush finished vision panels manufactured to bespoke sizes

•Cut outs within panels for air return grills & pre-manufactured air return ducts

•Packing and shipping to Costa Rica, Central America

Car Manufacturing Plant, England

Rolls Royce

•Glazing and doors to enclose the veneering and spraying production area

•8 sets of fully glazed clamp frame doors integrated into a Puracore custom flush system

•Manufactured with a stainless steel finish and incorporating flush double glazed Puracore vision panels

•Manufactured and installed into existing facility requiring customised design

You can download our case studies here.